Got something to share with the world? Have an idea that you want to run with? Or think that we can support your cause? Join the rest of our aspiring journalists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who we’re working with to make their ideas a reality.

Leonards Review welcomes all sensible and engaging articles and pitches for article ideas. Be sure to read the sections below before using the submission form at the bottom of the page. We always endeavour to reply to everyone.

What material is Leonards Review interested in?

All of these subjects and more are legitimate topics for Leonards Review posts:

  • News and current affairs
  • Commentary and opinion on current affairs
  • The internal workings of a political party
  • Campaigns
  • What’s going on in your local area
  • Activity and policies of opponents to centre-right values

Why are ideas accepted or rejected?

If your post idea clearly convey one or more of the following then you are much more likely to be commissioned to write up the full post for publication on Leonards Review.

  • An original idea or opinion
  • Makes a single, clear argument
  • Something which has not been discussed on Leonards Review before

Conversely, these are common reasons why we reject ideas:

  • Something which has been covered repeatedly on Leonards Review and/or elsewhere
  • Material not obviously related to conservative values or current affairs
  • Incoherent writing

Contributors should read our Contributors’ Policy before submitting any content.

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