The politics of my generation is pretty easy to get to grips with. We want big government, unless it costs more cash. We’re also inclined

Since the victory cries of the #TakeBackControl campaign, our nation as been wrestling with an explanation for this most unexpected turn of

As a natural and nurtured debater, I spend a lot of time in hearty deliberation with friends and colleagues from across a wide spectrum of

They have been quick to decry the DUP as ‘anti-LGBT, anti-women extremists’, but many on the left continue to shut down any debates on Islamism

Continual reforms will always be a reality in the NHS – a fact which sometimes sits uncomfortably with those in the medical

Back in mid-February, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates was interviewed by Quartz on the automation of low-skilled industries and on robots. During

The recent protests in university towns and on campuses in the UK and the US have exposed something very serious. Far from exemplifying liberal

Trump’s Muslim ban will make us all less safe. Despite a multitude of splits and disagreements between groups, the fundamental narrative

It used to be so simple. Politicians represented distinct political visions, in distinct political parties. And then there were only two parties

Travelling to work is a mundane necessity of life. We mindlessly walk to stations, board trains, queue, sometimes run, often drink coffee. Our